Chain Moorings Damage Sea Bed

Show below are boats using Elastic Moorings. Note the healthy sea bed directly below elastic-moored boats.
Mouseover to view chain mooring damage to Eel Grass on the sea bed, also known as "slash circles" or "slash zones".
MouseOver to view Chain Mooring eel grass damage
DMF photo on LightHawk flight

Chain Mooring Slash Circle Demo

The StormSoft™ Elastic Mooring system is a more sensible alternative to traditional ball and chain moorings.
Simply put, elastic moorings nearly eliminate the severe stresses and abrupt motions of vessels anchored with chain. In extreme weather, elastic mooring systems expand up to 30% of the slack length to eliminate the destructive jerking motion typical of taut, inflexible chain moorings. Frayed mooring lines are the single most common cause of boats breaking free.

Mooring lines continuously chafe against cleats, chocks, fittings because water is in constant motion.  
Over time, chafed lines may become too weak to secure the boat during the next big storm.

Elastic mooring lines give and take, reduce chafing and extend line life up to 15 years, eliminating frequent replacement expense.